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The truth about Hitlers death – The allies served us a big fat lie!

Hitler had many doubles or in German (doppelganger) Rumors had circulated about several doubles for Hitler. They was supposed to be a total look-a likes, and they was trained to “be” Hitler and was supposedly going to die a martyr’s death on the battlefield so that Hitler could be glorified without dying. The erratic rumors about Hitler’s doubles were soon to be accepted by many as facts. According to one report: “The doubles were given voice and movement instruction, and they mastered Hitler’s soft conversational voice and distinctive walk. Their faces and dental work were altered, and even their spines were broken in the same place where Hitler had been injured in the First World War. Germany efficiency left nothing to chance. But the one thing that none of these doppelgangers could ever hope to duplicate, was Hitler’s hypnotic, charismatic public speaking style. His ability to sway a crowd had never been matched or equaled. The doubles would be good for public appearances, parties, or maybe meetings or briefings where Hitler was not expected to have that much interaction with his underlings.”
Julius Schreck Adolf Hitler
As the Third Reich collapsed in the spring of 1945, the Russians were the first to enter Berlin and capture  Adolf Hitler’s bunker. Then, the Soviet Union made a series of contradictory statements or lies concerning Hitler’s death. Stalin announced to Truman during lunch in Potsdam on July 17, that Hitler did not commit suicide but had probably escaped. After that, the Russians released photographs of what they claimed to be Hitler’s corpse on a dingy floor. Finally, they asserted  that  Hitler’s burnt remains, together with the body of his mistress Eva Braun, were discovered on May 4, by Soviet soldiers outside the Berlin Chancellery bunker, in the garden.
After 50 years, Russian officials said the photos of Hitler’s corpse were part of authentic military film footage from the Moscow Central Archive. But the glasnost photos created more problems than they solved. The main question is: whose body is really in the pictures – was it Adolf Hitler or his double? The truth is it was  Gustav Weber, while others call him Gustav Weler this is a fact.  So it wasent Hitler. It is assumed that Red Army soldiers took the photos just after they captured Berlin and thought they had Hitler.

Notice the bullet hole in the forehead?
Various Western sources have later reported that the dead body in the photo was Hitler’s double (or doppelganger), a man called Gustav Weber or Weler who was executed with a gunshot to the forehead. Some give his name as  Gustav Weber. By contrast, reports now circulate in Russia that an actor, Andreas Kronstaedt, was the impersonator who had volunteered to die in Hitler’s place. This was the theme of the 1996 film, Conversation with the Beast, directed by one of Fassbinder’s followers, Armin Mueller-Stahl.  Meanwhile, in Germany some suspicion still points to Julius Schreck,  who was Hitler’s favorite driver and party member from 1921. He occasionally acted as Hitler’s double because of their close resemblance.
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According to some reports, Schreck died in a traffic accident in 1936. Other reports say that he died from an abscessed tooth fever. To confuse matters more, Time magazine once wrote that Hitler’s alleged double was Heinrich Bergner who was killed in July, 1944 when a bomb or hand grenade exploded under Hitler’s table. Other publications said that a stenographer named Berger died when Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg planted a bomb under Hitler’s chair on July 20, 1944, at his headquarters in East Prussia. Some sources have oddly suggested that the burnt corpse found in the Chancellery garden was that of SS-Gruppenfuehrer Hermann Fegelein, husband of Eva Braun’s sister, Gretl, who was stripped of his rank for committing treason and shot outside the Berlin bunker two days before Hitler’s suicide.
Are we dumb?
Establishment historians want us to actually believe that Adolf Hitler committed suicide  in his Berlin bunker, shortly after exchanging marriage vows with Eva Braun?
  • No bullet was ever found?. But that doesn’t matter?.
  • The blood stains on the sofa were reportedly of the wrong blood-type?. But such details doesn’t concern us?.
  • Hitler’s entire body apparently vanished into thin air? allow me to laugh!.
  • But at least somebody found two of his teeth, in the garden. A small price to pay, to be able to fool a entire generation!
  • A skull fragment originally thought to be from Hitler has had its DNA tested, by American researchers. The skull fragment has turned out to be that of a woman under 40.
The skull fragment was originally found outside Hitler’s bunker, and it has been kept by Soviet intelligence. “Soviet soldiers dug deep into the rubble of the Reich Chancellery for Hitler’s corpse. “They did not find it,” states the May 14, 1945 issue of  TIME magazine. Stalin announced to Truman during lunch in Potsdam on July 17, 1945, 78 days after his ‘death’, that Hitler had escaped. And the American FBI kept a file on Hitler, long after 1945.
British surgeon Hugh Thomas is chief spokesman for the growing opinion that not only Adolf Hitler had a doppelganger, but also Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler. Perhaps all of the top Reich leaders kept look-alikes as part of a master contingency plan to escape unnoticed should the need arise.  Dr. Thomas’ doppelganger theory was finally investigated by Scotland Yard and the final report now remains hidden from the public. A hundred-year ban has been imposed on key facts concerning the so-called deaths of certain Reich leaders?. Allow me to laugh even louder!
And according to a 1997 report by Sean David Morton, a female Nazi Intelligence Officer named Magda Zeitfeld offered her services to the United States Government.  She worked in Berchtesgaaden, and was apparently one of Germany’s top intelligence agents. She had been sending the Allies information since the spring of 1944, acting as a double agent, because the SS she worked for had murdered her father and brother, under very mysterious circumstances. Her father had the biggest plastic surgery clinic in Berlin. He was a pioneer in the field, and well financed by the Nazis, due to their obsession with physical perfection, and was doing a landmark business. He pioneered and specialized in implanted facial prosthetics, using highly advanced silicates to build up weak jaws and noses to fit the German fashion of chiseled strength. Three men, exceptionally high level Nazi officials, were brought to her father’s clinic under a veil of extreme security and secrecy in the fall of 1943. Her father and brother were required to drastically alter the appearance of each of the men. Two weeks after the “Men” left her family’s clinic, and sufficient time had passed to be sure there was no need to go back for follow up treatment, the hospital was raided and the entire staff, including both Magda’s father and brother, were brutally murdered, and the clinic was burned to the ground, files and all. Magda knew that it was the Nazi’s who had done this, in fact it was a division within the SS for whom she worked. According to the report, two of the men were Martin Borman and Adolf Hitler. Just as  Himmler aimed to do, Adolf Hitler would escape from Berlin disguised as a priest.
And finally the truth, authentic photo “to the left” taken in Argentina of an old Adolf Hitler in South America. Anyone can see that this is Hitler period. So from now on i consider the US lies busted. The allies with USA in front didn’t want to “loose face” so they faked the whole thing. Just as they did with the so called moon landing.
Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler
The photo is Adolf Hitler’s when he was over 90 years old. I was told that this was taken in Chile. But my own investigations points to that it was in fact taken in Argentina. It seems there are people who wish investigator’s eye to avoid gazing around Argentina. Also remember that U-boat U-977 did arrive at Port of Mar Del Plata of Argentina on August 17, 1945. Several of witnesses said Hitler was on board. Another possible theory is that Hitlers double replaced him long before Germany lost the war. Take a look at these pictures and specially take a look at the nose. The huge difference between the original Hitler photo and the eledged.
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